Friday, August 17, 2007

ODIN awarded another RFID patent

ODIN technologies, the leader in RFID solution design, testing and deployment was recently awarded another RFID patent, which related to a project dubbed the Secure Material Accounted in Real Time (S.M.A.R.T.) container. U.S. Patent No. 7,256,682 relates to, for example, a wide range of embodiments having active and/or passive RFID to provide efficient and accurate visibility of assets as they travel in a closed container.

One embodiment of the technology would be for dynamically updating contents of a container to a “parent” tag on the exterior of the container. This would allow a completely accurate inventory of the contents by simply interrogating the tag on the outside of the container. As items are added or removed the SMART container dynamically updates the parent tag, so that anytime the parent tag is interrogated all contents are accurately accounted for without requiring human intervention. “The SMART container patent is another example of ODIN technologies solving real-world RFID challenges through innovation.

Our extensive work in the military, aerospace and health care industries revealed a common challenge. People would put contents into a box, update the contents to an exterior tag, but never update the inventory when items were removed. This leads to inventory inaccuracy and added effort,” commented Patrick J. Sweeney II President and CEO of ODIN technologies and the inventor of the SMART container. Mr. Sweeney added, “The SMARTcontainer solution improves the efficiency and accuracy of inventory tracking. Anytime something is taken out or put inside a SMART container enabled box, the RFID capabilities dynamically update the tag which records its contents.

This can be invaluable in military theaters, hospital operating rooms, port security, and for companies tracking parcel shipments at multiple drop-off locations.”ODIN technologies will consider licensing the patent to other providers in the RFID space, and is currently working directly with clients to leverage this unique technology to drive value in their operations.

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